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If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the knee, hip, or shoulder it is important to understand what may be causing your symptoms, when it’s time to seek a doctor, and all your treatment options.

Knee Pain

The knee is central to most routine activities, so it is important to know when something is wrong and when you need medical assistance.

Learn More About Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Your hip joint is involved in many daily movements such as walking, bending, and turning, so any discomfort can severely limit your mobility and ability to work. This is why it is vital to understand your body and your treatment options.

Learn More About Hip Pain

Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders are involved in many daily activities such as brushing your hair, getting dressed, or any time you need to reach for something. This is why it is important to understand shoulder pain and reach out to an orthopedic surgeon for treatment.

Learn More About Shoulder Pain

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